・The mind that does not dislike troubles

As for recent the retort food and freezing food are sold numerously.
In the modern society that there are many working together as for those the popularity is high.
In order that the trouble of the housewife decreases, will you use it well?
Retort food is strictly urgent means.
The true heart is not included in those.
There is the fear that the urgent means makes everyday.

Meal means the interchange between the heart of the person that eats with the heart of the person that makes.
In the case that retort food continued long time, although it is good in terms of dietetics but heart is not filled.

Dogen Zenji is expressing with “Tenzo-kyokun”.
“Pay attention to a small place on the occasion of cooking and be attentive.
The heart will become a virtuous deed of buddhism.
Although the big sea is very wide ,the water of a drop gathers and become ocean.
Also, as a result that a little sand accumulated , it becomes a big mountain.”

He is explaining it by metaphor expression.
It means that it breaks ocean or mountain to spare a few trouble.

It is the suggestion that if you continue the hand omission, you ruins your body, because of your busy.
However, busy you will be unable to make careful cooking every day.
In a month several degrees do you make careful cooking?

○Heart that decreases the waste and Heart that does the material carefully

The old days in Japan most of the persons were an agriculture engagement person.
The farmer makes most of the crops the land tax and had to pay.
The farmer was poor everyone.
Therefore Japanease farmer did the crop very carefully.

However, now Japan became rich.
There is much rice or vegetable.
Now Japanese does not spare it.
When she does cooking in her home, a housewife discards the leaf and skin of the radish, or core of the cabbage.

Even the person who eats leaves food if he does not fit the mouth.
Many leftover rice are discarded from the back entrance of a cooking store.
It is said that Japan is an advanced country, how do you think this present condition?

There is such a legend in Soto sect.

There were the superb Buddhism priest called Mokuzan in the Edo period.
He was the role of Tenzo in a temple.
A rumor is stood by a priest-trainee .
Mokuzan hides alone in the kitchen, after everybody went to bed at night and be eating something.
He seems to be boiling a pot.
The chief priest of the temple heard the rumor.
A certain day chief priest determined that checks directly.

The chief priest entered into the kitchen.
Then Mokuzan boils up the pot like the rumor and he did Zazen in the front of the pot.
The chief priest said.
“It looks delicious. Give it a little to me”
“This is not the thing appropriate to you”
Mokuzan refused.

Chief priest said
“Do you eat only ? Monopoly? Show it to me.”
The chief priest tried to eat forcibly.
However, he was unable to eat it because it was foul-smelling so much.
He was surprised and said “what is this? ”

Mokuzan said,
“Because the priest-trainee of this temple increased recently the material for food is not sufficient.
I feel sadness because of refusing the admission of new priest-trainee for the reason of lacking of the material of the meal.
So I try to cook with devising the method that does not waste the material until now to over.
However, yet it is lacking.
I adopted the following method.
I attached a net to the drain of the sink.
Dust flows and center on the net.
I collected the dust, so I boiled the dust in the pot.
I intended to eat it.
It is because I can obtain my material if I do so.
However, as for the beginning, I was unable to eat it because it is very foul-smelling.
But I did not forget the mind of Zen-master Dogen .
Recently I have got used finally.”

The chief priest heard his confession , and he was deeply impressed and cried.

○The mind of gratitude

There is such a recollection in me.
It is when I was studying it as a member of the Tenzo dormitory at Eiheiji.

Tenzo of the guidance role was a superb priest.
He did taste-sampling of cooking that I made.

“It is seen like readily good seasoning.
However, I advise to you this is immature from a viewpoint of real Zen-cooking.”
He said to me so.
I did trial and error every day.
I wanted his attestation.
However, I was not able to make it well.

In a day , Tenzo called me in his room.
“Your cooking change the characteristic taste of the vegetable, and kill the flavor .
Your method is too much as variety.
It is the most foolish case to use sugar and soy sauce too much.
Do not use sugar a lot.
If you do cook by a lot of season, the original sweetness of it and attractive point of vegetable are killed.
As for it, the method of Zen-cooking differs usually cook, you should do it with the means of the minimum.
Good luck for you.”

By his advice, I noticed that I was going ahead to the direction where it mistook.

The pure Japanese-style room where we use to a tea party does not decorate it forcibly.
Only one hanging scroll and flower have been decorated modestly.
Do you feel it lonely?
However, reading many intention that were hidden from the space is the supreme pleasure of a visitor.
It is a Japanese original sense feeling the meaning out of a thing.

Making the most of the characteristic of a vegetable and making the person who eats glad are same case.
Because we consume the vegetable for my training taking the life ,
we must make the most of the characteristic of the vegetable in maximum.
Uncruelty is the heart that do not waste.

○The mind of few desire and to know the sufficient

As for our desire, there is not a limit.
Syaka said to apprentices at the time of immediately before of his death.
He did the last sermon.

” My apprentices, if you think that you want to get out it from various suffering, feel satisfaction.
The person who does not know satisfaction is unhappy even if he has much money .
Because of his limitless desire. So his heart is poor.
The person who knows satisfaction is rich even if he is poor, because of his heart is satisfactory. ”

The feeling that requests good life is the power that develops a society.
However, you fail when desire is too big.
It is not passively with patience to put up with to the present condition of now.

In the case of cooking, I have to give you the same deep impression
as the full course of dinner by the wretched boiling radish.

That is the mind of Zen-Cooking.

○Eating habits of modern and vegetable

A contemporary youngster eats a hamburger well.
However, there is a few of opportunity that they eat the Japanese style cooking.
A certain university professor did a survey to the boy that caused a wrong doing.
The meal of their home is disturbed.
They do not eat breakfast, and they hate the vegetable, and they are favorite the snack,
synthesis juice, convenience food, the meat.

There are an another survey .
Composure is gone, for lacking calcium and vitamin to human being.
It becomes destructive or aggressive.
In the modern society, people heart is opposite condition of the richness of our life .
Event that should be surprised is frequently occurring, for instance, to take the life of human being easily.

Opportunity that each other feels the affection that true heart stayed by heartful meal.
Is not that the cause of No.1?

After it is the present of such circumstances, I think that Zen-Cooking should be reviewed greatly.


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