Provision of “Husyuku-hanpo”

Idaten is enshrined as the Buddha of a kitchen, in Zen temple.
The kitchen is located on the opposite side of Sodo where Priest-trainee takes a meal.
In other words, Idaten has been enshrined toward Sodo.

The cooking that was made carefully by Tenzo is inserted in a tree tub.
And it is put before Idaten when it is the time of the meal of a priest-trainee.
And, Tenzo changes it to full dress of priest.
Tenzo burns a smell respectfully before Idaten.
And he worships 9 times and send the meal to Sodo.
This ceremony is called Sojiki-kyuhai.

This ceremony means that the foot fast Idaten carries meal in Sodo,
and Tenzo offers meal to the priest-trainee, and Tenzo shows the respect to the meal.

Because this is the meal that was offered this way carefully.
The severe manners are shown to the person that eats.
There are the matters that demand special attention of the meal manners of several 50 items” to “Husyuku-hanpo.

I introduce several manners into you now.

Do not talk during the meal.
Do not look over the surroundings.
You have to do spine is extended.
You have to eat with Zazen.
Do not make the sound of a tableware.
Do not peek into the receptacle of the person of a neighbour.
Do not make sound even when you eat.
Do not eat by sipping food.
Do not jam food fully the mouth.
Hold the tableware with both hands without fail.
Put up with cough and sneeze.
Do not leave the food that I received.
You have to hide the seed and dregs etc. behind the device and avoid seen to the person  of the neighbour.
You must not take the attitude that seems want more.
You must eat with the same earliness as the others

What kind matters that demand special attention it is !
There is the item that is thought to the middle as child handling.
However, that time when Dogen Zenji came back from China,
the attitude to the meal of the priest of the temple was worst.
There was no mind of Zen-Cooking there.
Dogen who saw the bad meal scenery of the first-class training exercise hall
in that time is grieving over it, and said,

” The long time has passed after that Buddhism spreading to our country .
However, the manners that make the meal of priest-trainee are not known until now.
Even who did not take the trouble of teaching it.
Much more, it is outrageous the courteous manners that Tenzo sends the meal
to the priest-trainee after burning the smell and worship.
The person of the society is despising the method of the meal of the priest-trainee resembles
in the sight that a bird or beast eat something.
It is a sad case for me.”

He raised the disturbed meal situation to the level of Buddhism training.
He wrote “Tenzo-kyokun” and “Husyuku-hanpo”.
It is the result of the effort of Dogen to repair a bad meal custom.

The meal manners of the priest-trainee were finished very beautifully.
And it exerted the influence to the manners of the Japanease tea ceremony.


When a priest-trainee eats the meal he voice Gokanno-ge.
It is expressing the mind that eats the meal as Buddhism training.

on first, This meal was made by the trouble of many people.
Let’s thank for this merciful blessing.

second, I will reconsider whether I am doing the worth deed that I can eat this meal.

third, I will be careful as perplexity or craving, anger does not happen.

fourth, To prevent my body becomes emaciated , this meal will be received As medicine.

fifth, I will receive this meal mercifully to acquire Buddhism.

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